Sore Bleeding Gums What Natural Remedy Would You Use For Sore Gums,bleeding Maybe And Swollen Glands?

What natural remedy would you use for sore gums,bleeding maybe and swollen glands? - sore bleeding gums

We have heard of gargling with salt water, lemon
Mint Tea

What would you do without antibiotics?


krista m said...

Best resources in the world! Ground cloves, all grocery stores. Process to mix into a dough. Rub the gums. It is astringent, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. After about 2-3 minutes. Rinse. Do it 3 times daily for best results. You can not more of this resource!

Holistic Medical Center

dave said...

Your best natural remedies would go to the doctor and determine exactly what is wrong with you.

Treatments at random for what seems like a real disease is mandatory extremely irresponsible.

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