How To Wire Ge Motion Sensor Switch How Would I Connect My GE Single Pole Motion Sensor Light Switch ?

How would I connect my GE single pole Motion Sensor light switch ? - how to wire ge motion sensor switch

In turn the motion sensor light, is (2-wire black wire and 1 green)
hung on the wall, I have 1 orange, 1 red and 1 blue wire. Note that the switch had previously), only 2 switches (one for the closet light and 1 fire in the kitchen. How do I associate my motion sensor light switch to UPS my hooks on the wall


Kevin said...

The orange, red and blue wires are the codes. Someone have used it there and not the colors. The code is: Green = Ground
White = Common
black = hot

Red and blue are colored son of 220 volts.

You do not have black or white, if you have no idea what wire that. When I was there, I use a voltmeter to know, but I can not online.

If you tell me where the orange, red, blue, and all the cables go, I can tell you how to connect the switch sensor in connection.

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