Pioneer Plasma Stand I Need A Stand & Speakers 4my Pioneer Plasma 504HDE; Do All 50" Screens Have Same Width Stand Mount Holes?

I need a stand & speakers 4my Pioneer Plasma 504HDE; do all 50" screens have same width stand mount holes? - pioneer plasma stand

(Try to buy off eBay, even comms cable with the same dilemma they have changed or remained the same and the model changes each year). There is much to buy, but none of this information is good enough to go ahead and order now!


Scooter said...


No, they do not, but you can buy universal plasma, is from 1000 sites on the Internet, whether wall, ceiling or floor is later found.

Yahoo: Supports SMS or brackets bird and you should find the assets.

When the plasma is a relatively new model should be able to absorb some of the speakers in any other way seems to buy some speakers 8ohm attractive a job as a judge very low cost.

Hope this helps

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