Knowndll Stop: C00021a {Fatal System Error} The Verification Of A Knowndll Failed.?

Stop: C00021a {Fatal System Error} The verification of a knowndll failed.? - knowndll

Station: C00021a (Fatal System Error) The examination of a KnownDLLs failed.
This appears when you start and you will not let me do it.
Can not be started in Safe Mode, because every time just before the login screen of Windows, the computer flashes the blue screen of death, then reboot. And he does it again and again. And I find my Windows Vista disc? Please give us a solution. I currently use Ubuntu 9 Disc, although I can configure my internet, t, because does not my wireless USB adapter? I do not understand why it was not activated to be crashed. Btw, I have tried all USB ports

Thanks in advance


Tejas said...

I wonder whether there is a destruction of the installation / repair installation option-type. To be sure, first with the format that is useful - an XP CD, or download the disk utility from the manufacturers.

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