Air India Flight Schedule Air India Call Center In Mumbai?

Air india call center in mumbai? - air india flight schedule

I take a minimum of BKK flight on Friday, and I need to clear my schedule for this route to confirm, but I can not breathe through the call center in India No. 25489999 and 1800227722nd

Is there another name Mumbai WHR can not, and I can confirm about the calendar on the Internet / email, etc.

Please advice.


greenree... said...

Call 18002237776

The number of reservations for Air India, which can also be confirmed. From my experience, always confirm the Air India flights were booked, especially when making online reservation, your seat is reserved.

It seeks a confirmation e-mails to send.

Enjoy Bangkok!

David Rolph said...

Sorry, I can not answer the question. But my advice is _do_ confirm with Air India. If he does not again after breaking my journey by not more than 1 day in two places, refused to confirm to the airport. They were rude and useless. A call from my travel agent back home revealed that it received many seats on the plane and were in a position to a new reservation.

I never fly, never with them.


Thank you, I :-) Vent

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