Golf Ball Bag Golf Bag, Balls, Etc?

Golf bag, balls, etc? - golf ball bag

Me and my friend were on the street the other day and I noticed a neighbor had a garage sale and sold a lot of golf equipment. my friend who loves golf, but do not go that far. But I wanted to know how far the man had to sell their things. Now a golf bag (keeps in very good shape) with clubs and small things: the drivers, almost 150 balls (about 50 of them new), a golf bag that folds easy storage, 2 different ball retriever on the ball and highlights not to bend over and landed hooks to the other from the water (eg extension of up to 10-20 m), then many tea egg. if he sold everything for us $ 40. Do you think that the piece more than that? In only ask because I use my friend never know these things ...


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