Fastest Flash Point And Shoot Camera What Features Do I Look For In A Digital Camera Which Can Take Good Indoor Sports Pictures With No Flash?

What features do I look for in a digital camera which can take good indoor sports pictures with no flash? - fastest flash point and shoot camera

Since models are often the camera, please help me, the functions that you understand for the search. My budget is limited.

I have many photos in bathing, when I'm away from the swimmers. My current unit has a great zoom, but no image stabilization. So the images are still blurry when zooming up and inside. What should I for a digital camera, take me to break this type of image (without permits)? Image stabilization is enough? or should I for other functions? For a normal film camera, I would only use a lens with low F-stop, high-speed film and a fast shutter speed. Since digital cameras do not use film and I see no "f-stop" mentioned in one of the Point & Shoot Digital Camera, what I'm trying to achieve the same goal?


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Indoor sports can be very difficult because of the low light. This usually requires more than most ISO settings be achieved without a point and shoot digital noise becomes a problem.

The reason why the maximum aperture is usually not mentioned because it may be too high (or slow), so that less light.

These two factors can lead to low Sutter, thus blurring of camera shake.

You can try a monopod to improve results with your current camera

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