Liner Lock Help... How Do I Fold My Pocket Knife?

Help... how do i fold my pocket knife? - liner lock

Ive got a cold gutlery tactical TNT 15-292ff UTS 4 1 / 2 "closed
Stainless steel blades
Pull on thumb
Liner Lock
Aluminum Handle

How can I contact?


JesusZoidberg Saves said...

It has a liner lock ... Living room, where the blade folds into ... It is a piece that pushed aside. This is what the roadblocks. Press on the page, and be unlocked.

Big Bruce said...

Therefore, it is a thin as paper into the slot on the sheet that you can step aside, sometimes the road has, or is there a button or push in the back, which must be pressed very hard, sometimes, so that the release route.

Fawn H said...

You see, where the curved knife. It should be something small bar that you just push harder during his pocket knife in.

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