Is Herpes Always Painful I Have A Small, Painless Bump On My Lip. Is It Herpes?

I have a small, painless bump on my lip. Is it herpes? - is herpes always painful

I've never had a cold sore, even if I had cancer sores. However, cancer sores are very painful, whereas this coup not. The hump is not visible unless you pull on my lip and look in the mirror. I never had sex of any kind --- not oral sex is not right --- nothing. Also, I've never kissed anyone. I am 19 years old, believe it or not. About a week or week and a half ago, while he shared a pipe with a friend of the cause, or could not be. I always thought that herpes is painful, but it is not. If you do not, that could be herpes? Thank you.


Kai said...

The sand is correct. James apparently did not know what you mean.

The herpes virus may be the same, but how your body reacts to it is for everyone else. This is why so few people who have herpes, they know it. Possible symptoms are not to be the massive clusters of ulcers or May. Then there's everything else. For some people it is painless and others, the agony. Very few people have herpes group, but usually there is a kind of irritation to participate if they actually develop an ulcer. It is possible that you will not hurt, because in the early stages.

You do not sexually active herpes. Almost everyone has it. I come to say goodbye to your mother, if little or a drink with friends at school. Not a big problem.

Because the sand, he said, if it is on the point that you consult a doctor. And stop smoking that pipe! It is worse for you than herpes!

Sweet T said...

That sounds like a button. Or maybe a ingrown hair. Herpes is more than a bubble. My best friend, she and I heard its very painful. Im sure that nothing, but if you go do not bother, you see your doctor.

sand said...

Herpes is different for different people. It can be very painful for some and for others it will be years May know w / out at all, they have it. If you are interested in becoming a doctor before you take the lump disappears, if you can not take a test to see. To learn more about herpes in general, try to still good and reliable information is easily accessible and understandable. Good luck. :)

James L said...

Herpes is different for different people, herpes changes are open and you are different sizes of open wounds, but not otherwise. Herpes than to shoot, which means that more than 1 applies, with a slap on the lip is not that one herpes, and put probably nothing, n many inexplicable things in our bodies do not have the answers, but it's probably herpes, because it is not. I do not think that girl is on my reading of your question, if you have not done any type of sexual activity after herpes is not something to appear, and dispel any misunderstandings that herpes is not idle for a few years, herpes outbreaks occur in usually within 2 days to 2 weeks is not normal to appear 2-3 years later, an epidemic that shows up is for 2 to 3 years after the first outbreak of the infection only probable.

babiek said...

The wounds usually some type of pain and palpable. Sounds like it could be a button?

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