Scoliosis Multiple Sclerosis Is This Multiple Scoliosis?

Is this multiple scoliosis? - scoliosis multiple sclerosis

Ok in the 16 and over the past 7 months, from time to time as IV, these symptoms had so .. werid old my body is not shown .. what the contraction, but its 9 times in an hour ago .. but not really noticeable for everyone .. I know not that make my fingers or the fingers were numb, but just like last 30 seconds .. strange sensations and sometimes just my fingers are stiff .. These are symptoms of a strange way, but then they go back for like 3 weeks and then .. I saw a doctor, the test as my thoughts not as a price and sent me a .. TAC I said it was ok .. Now think of my parents, I am makeing up ... Multiple sclerosis is like in real fear that I have a terrible deasise ... could be wrong .. also my hands and feet often cold ... Im not sure if this has something to do ... What could be wrong


Scott B said...

The title is wrong ... I wanted to say "multiple".

If you have the CT, "said the doctor to explain anything about his deafness or her symptoms, from elsewhere, if so, please let us know what he / she says.

I get another appointment with your doctor or another doctor to see. Numbness is not normal, the doctor said. How should the doctor be able to explain what happened well enough, keeping you comfortable with the outcome.

When was the last time I had gone through a complete physical examination including blood test lab?

kay kay said...

Ok, the first thing I said that scoliosis, "said sclerosis witch do you think? Anyway, I have scoliosis and back pain (she is again not exactly) no shaking hands and body. If the doctor says you agree that you are probably . Remember to drink plenty of water.

carpefre... said...

Your doctor has discussed the possibility of diabetes?

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