What Happens When You Are In A Coma What Happens To A Person's Soul When They're In A Coma?

What happens to a person's soul when they're in a coma? - what happens when you are in a coma

Did he stay and wait until the death of the body, or later?

I am sure that no one really knows I just love to get some opinions.


Priรciℓℓα ☼ said...

His soul is still there. Mysteriously I know two women who were very religious in a coma for 9 months. Is it amazing or what? I question.

Pope Bean I said...

Well, if you ask to science or common sense, a person who lives until they die, and one person still alive, while escaping in a coma, why they are sometimes able to. .

Of course, religious people do not listen to science or common sense, so I'll probably say something completely different.

Gyrine77... said...

When a man in a coma and soul remains in your body. Only death can free the mind and soul.

sister said...

The person is the soul. The soul is not separate.

Genesis 2:7, Adam was not intended as a soul,

Metal K said...

Nobody knows for sure, some people awake from his coma and even
You have your heart and mind intact.

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