Galleria Mall Freeze Which Mall Does Cher Go To In Clueless?

Which Mall Does Cher go to in Clueless? - galleria mall freeze

In the movie Clueless, Cher said: "I had a refuge in a place where you can get back to collect my thoughts ".... it is the journey to Mall?

And when Cher enters the kitchen Josh said: "Wow, the gallery is watchin?

Are you talking about Cher's Glendale Galleria?
If this is the big shopping center that is frozen in the film The Day After Tomorrow?



MystMoon... said...

According to IMDB, were the scenes shot here:
Westside Pavilion - 10800 Pico Boulevard, West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
(Scenes Mall)

Not sure if that's what is known in the film.

I could no shopping list of "The Day After Tomorrow".

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