Watch Briefcase What Do I Get For My Department Managers For X-mas This Year?

What do I get for my department managers for x-mas this year? - watch briefcase

I am a secretary to the president of a resort. We have difficulties in achieving a Christmas gift for the head of the department to give directors. Help!

Their price range from $ 100 to $ 150 each. The current must be the same thing and unisex (men and women) to enjoy something. My boss does not want any kind of clothing that we give them. It does not give them a briefcase, computer case, the clock, a portable DVD player, GPS device, and gram of digital photography, to name but a few, we have.

I looked on the Internet "corporate gifts" and "Christmas" as well as corporate gifts are macabre trophies and feathers or desk accessories, Yuk.

Has anyone suggestions? Their officers, directors are aged between 35 and 60 years.


J S said...

Gift certificates for popular restaurant

Heart of Fire said...

A map of Starbucks

concerned neighbor said...

Contact a local company that makes holiday gift baskets. Are many ideas in your price range.

how many days left till said...

Find out if the individual has a popular restaurant .... Gift certificates for dinner. .... Things such as renting movies. Tickets for shows and movies.

Ticket your favorite sports game ...

Subscriptions to journals of their choice. Try to see as gift baskets online .. Some companies are doing about baskets. how to enjoy golf or fishing or just general baskets for each member of your family. many different price ranges available

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