100 Dollar Gas Rc In Fl Any Good And Cheap Nitro/gas Rc Boats Out There?

Any good and cheap nitro/gas rc boats out there? - 100 dollar gas rc in fl

In view Remote Control RC Boat around 100-175 dollars. Can be used or knew. I want a gas or nitro, if possible, as quickly as possible, looks around websites, I realized that means the prices of certain vessels (1000) that I find to be unconsciously used rc boat very well my price range, only fast be, and gasoline. Has anyone suggestions for a good boat you know?


Anonymous said...

There are a number of cheap gas RC boats there .. I list below. Your budget is a little low one, that can handle the big waves, but.

MTX said...

Try this site.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?i ...

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