What Is Your Cervical Position And Mucus Like Just Before Your Period Does Anyone Know Of Ways You Can Tell With Body If Pregnant Before Missed Period? Cervical Position Or Mucus?

Does anyone know of ways you can tell with body if pregnant before missed period? Cervical position or mucus? - what is your cervical position and mucus like just before your period

With my son had no symptoms until after I missed my time ... a few weeks. I just found out yesterday that she was pregnant and I was very sick for a week Tested (I already have, or about 10 DPO) I have dizziness, constipation, fatigue, and have a metallic taste in the mouth .. . I did not know you could symptoms so quickly (I miss my period yet!)

I do not think that the cervix moves later in the pregnancy ... and had no unusual damage so far ... GL and tons of baby dust!


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