Pancreas Cancer In Dogs What Can I Feed My Miniature Schnauzer Who Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer Of The Liver, Pancreas And Won't Eat

What can I feed my miniature Schnauzer who has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver, pancreas and won't eat - pancreas cancer in dogs

We have tried, chicken, rice, dog food, canned the yogurt, of course, biscuits, fried potatoes, corn flakes. They will eat something new, but if he can bear not to go back to food again. She lost so much weight that each protruding bones. Drink lots of water and is still very much alive and active, but not like before. She vomits 2-4 times a day, mostly yellow bile. I do not think that he is ready to be put down to. But I want to be able to feed him something.


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