Shoulder Blade Pain Symptoms Severe Pain Between Shoulder Blade And Spine When Looking Down?

Severe pain between shoulder blade and spine when looking down? - shoulder blade pain symptoms

I have a right paracentral herniated disc C6-7, give me a MVA 8 months ago. Since the accident, my main complaint was severe pain in the side of my right shoulder blade when I try to look. At first I said it was the result of whiplash and holidays. I had very few symptoms in the shoulder or arm. Occassionall I have mild numbness and tingling in his forearm and right hand and tend to leave things just for no reason. In the normal nerve conduction shows no signs of cervical radiculopathy, but the tests were done with me, and I was comfortable with, with virtually no pain during the test. I asked for the test, which has renewed with flexion and extension, but was told that the results are the same. Voltage therapy helps my neck pain a little. Flat head, I feel almost no pain, but I can not go down! We never heard any assistance PLEASE


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