How To Present Seating Chart Would You Say He Likes Me?

Would you say he likes me? - how to present seating chart

How do I know whether you like it?

I think a lot of flirting ...
He bought me roses when he hurt my feelings
He calls me all the time (but when I asked if I wanted to come, says it could be difficult)
He makes eye contact and maintained for some time
It was big smiles all around me
He asked for my mother to fulfill
When she seats that we sit on the chair 1 between us still sitting on the chair instead of his
Or ... He simply chooses to sit next to me, if we are given this opportunity
We are not permitted and friends, date, until the 16th, we ... Anyone who is 16 years ahead of me ... I told him that he would soon have a girlfriend .... I looked up and smiled big and said, "But who?
His friend always says that he knows that I love .... Although I always kept in the Low Down
He gave me a Christmas present ... is a PURPLE (my fav). Eeyore shirt color ... I told him, I love Eeyore


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